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7.15.2012 SCABR Trial -> Results

7.14.2012 SCABR Trial -> Results

7.14.2012 SCABR Mondioring Trial -> Results
5.5.2012 SCABR Trial -> Results
2.25.2012 SCABR Trial -> Results
1.14.2012 SCABR Trial -> Results
1.14.2012update Southern California All Breed Ringers
-Lucas, Grendel and Negra earned their CSAU's
-Lucas, Tri, Chance and Negra passed their Brevet
-Cachou earnes his 1st leg of Ring 1 and Animal earnes his 2nd leg for the Ring 1 title
-Arco earnes his 2nd leg of Ring 2

11.18/19.2011update Northwest Working K-9's
Leo and Bella passed CSAUs and Brevet
Animal earns 1st leg of Ring 1
Taser earns 1st leg of Ring 2

BARC Trial
- D'Arco del Fuego Interno earns his first qualifying Ring 2 score

10.22.2011update C'Tosco de Barriques - 2011 NARA Ring 3 Vice Champion
BARC Trial
- D'Arco del Fuego Interno earns his first qualifying Ring 2 score
9.18.2011update Eastern Regional Championship hosted by Patriot Ring Club
C'Tosco--Ring 3-3rd place

9.4.2011update SCABR Trial
-Saide earns her Brevet
-Taser du Dantero earns his Ring 1 title
-SBB’s Spartan Bulldog’s Sequoia earns her first qualifying Ring 1 score
-C'Tosco des Barriques scores 389.400 in Ring 3
8.14.2011updateNorthwest Suitmen Trial in Washington--
ERD Trial in California
-Perro handled by Juan M. obtained their Ring 1 title
-Taser du Dantero handled by Brenda A. passed their 1st leg of Ring 1
-C'Tosco des Barriques handled by Adrian Centeno obtained a Ring 3 qualifying score: 381.975

Atlas K9 Club /
Santa Clarita Mondioring Club Trial
- Larry and Gamble
earned their Mondioring 3 title!

Phoenix Rising Ringers Trial
- Congrats to Juan M. and Perro for their 1st leg of Ring 1
- Congrats to Brenda A. and Taser for passing their CSAU and Brevet.

Club Accomplishments

Dog Titles | Decoy Certifications

Titles earned while training at SCABR

About Time's Sueno de Cielo,CSAU, BrevetJuly 2012
Animal de la Maison du Seigle,CSAU, Ring 2 May 2012
Bella of Kreative,CSAU, Ring 1May 2012
BR's Wicked Cassie, Ring Level 3May 2012
C'Ender des Barriques, Ring 2
Chance,CSAU, BrevetJanuary 2012
C'Tosco des Barriques, Ring 3
Cachou de Salte Cabre, CSAU, Ring 1January 2012
Changa des Barriques, CSAU, Ring 3
Ciro von der KleinbruckeFR Brevet May 2012
Comte des Contes d’Hoffman, Ring 3, Mondioring 3
C’Saxoon de Salte Cabre, Ring 1 May 2012
Dantero’s Mac de Dubois, Ring 3
Dantero’s Red River Rapids, Ring 3
Drake, CSAU,Brevet
D'Taz de las Brisas, CSAU, FR Ring 1 2012
Dutch du Chateau du Kama, Ring Level 2
D’Arco del Fuego Interno, Ring 2 January 2012
D’Mazer del Fuego Interno, Brevet
D’Rica de Monte Grande, Ring 1
Ember Silsley, Ring 1
Giacamo des Barriques, Ring 1
Grendel du Chenils de Titans, CSAU, FR BrevetMay 2012
Hanson's Capone, Ring Level 2, Mondioring 1
Hanson's Scrappy Girl, Ring Level 1, Mondioring Brevet
Havok du Dantero, Ring 1
I Lefty du Dantero, CSAU
In Pursuit Anya,CSAU, BrevetMay 2012
Knock Outs Kelso St. Romel, Ring 1
Leo,CSAU, BrevetNovember,2011
Loco de Bonilla, Ring 1
Loucyn's E'Doc di Tourandot, CSAUJanuary 2012
Lucas Sharp Vom Giesko, CSAU, BrevetJanuary 2012
Lynxiene du Dantero, FR BrevetMay 2012
Mattole Valley’s Evening Echo, Ring 2
Negra de Mendoza, CSAU, BrevetJanuary , 2012
Pakita du Dantero, Ring 1
Perro de Mendoza, Ring 2July 2012
Saide,CSAU, BrevetSeptember,2011
SBB’s Spartan Bulldog’s Sequoia, CSAU, Ring 1May 2012
Soaring China du Chambliss, Brevet
Springfalls Rex, Ring 2
Taser du Dantero, CSAU, Ring Level 2November,2011
SBB’s Spartan Bulldog’s Tri Tip, CSAU, BrevetJanuary,2012

In the making

Bosco des Barriques
Knock Out Kennels Rocky
Ju Rondo Von Schraderhaus

Certified decoys since SCABR's foundation

Scott Williams, FRPatriot Ring Club
Adrian Centeno, SCABR's T.D.,FR Level 2Southern California All Breed Ringers
Thuan Ha, FR Competitor Malinois Ring Club
Cary Petersen, FR Level 2Southern California All Breed Ringers
Juan Mendoza, FR Level 2Southern California All Breed Ringers
Oscar Mora, FR MRSouthern California All Breed Ringers
David Acosta, FR MRSouthern California All Breed Ringers