Southern California All Breed Ringers, SCABR, ring club

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Southern California All Breed Ringers

Our club was founded in 2003 by a group of ring sport enthusiasts. Southern California All Breed Ringers are dedicated to the training and competition of multiple skills for working dogs.

As our club name states, we are an all breed club with no breed prejudice! However, all working prospects must possess the correct drive and character needed for this demanding sport.

Our goals are to promote the growth of French Ring Sport and Mondioring in America. These sports combine agility, obedience and protection.

Our home base is in Riverside, California. We are an active club that trains regularly.

''Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go." — T.S. Eliot

What's French Ring Sport?

It is a dog sport involving jumps, obedience, and bite work. It is most similar to Belgian Ring, Campagne and KNPV, but also sharing common elements with Schutzhund, Service Dogs Of America and Mondio Ring. French Ring Sport rules are set by Groupe Travail Ring under the mandate of Commission D'utilisation Nationale Chiens de Berger et de Garde, a committee run under the patronage of the Société Centrale Canine.

To participate in French Ring Sport, a dog must first pass the Certificat de Sociabilité et d’Aptitude à l’Utilisation (Certificate of Sociability and Aptitude for Work)temperament test. French Ring Sport defines three earned levels, after earning a Brevet(Certificate) for Dogs of defense; Ring I, Ring II and Ring III. Each introduces progressively more difficult situations and makes greater demands from the dog. The trial is divided into three sections: jumps, breaking in exercises,and protection.

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             Belgian Malinois jumping over broad jump, Cali du Dantero

What's Mondioring?

It is a protection sport that tests the ability of the dog to protect both themselves and their handlers, even through extreme distractions. The sport trials are similar to the work performed by police dogs. Successful competition requires extensive training and discipline.

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